The Club Celebrates 125 years of Service

When our Club was founded Civil War Veterans walked the streets of Bath. Vehicles were pulled by horses or stream engines in those days. A sportsman, Grover Cleveland, was the President of the United States and the Apache Geronimo was being pursued by the U. S. Army.

Although many modern sportsmen dream of the past when seasons and limits were nearly unknown the reality of that time was very different. The New York deer population had reached an all time low in 1886 with most of the surviving deer herd located in the Central Adirondacks. Game birds and fish had also declined and one of first things our new organization did was to ask legislators to limit the length of the fishing season in order to conserve that resource. Conservation was a new word and concept that meant "wise use" and would not become widely used until Teddy Roosevelt became President.

Times have certainly changed. Most vehicles are fueled by oil which becomes more expensive each year making travel more and more costly. The U.S. Military pursued Osama Bin Laden and put an end to his terrorism, but they still fight in wars and "kinetic military exercises" where the ability to effectively use guns is of the highest importance.

Unlike Grover Cleveland, who wrote books promoting hunting, fishing and shooting, the current State and Federal Administration seem intent to control and reduce the number of firearms. The current populations of deer and bear have increased to the point where there is over 60,000 deer/vehicle collisions a year in New York State. Young people are more likely play with electronic devices than hunt, shoot or fish. There are guns in most houses , but who is to teach the kids to handle them safely? Back in 1886 most people lived in big farm families but now many households no longer contain a father that could teach the children safe gun handling and the traditions of hunting, shooting and fishing.

The Club can help in these areas and in this 125th year of service we have expanded opportunities for children and adults to learn safe and effective use of firearms and have fun in the process. You see one thing hasn't changes in the last 125 years- it's still fun to, hunt, fish and shoot. If you wish to look future into the history of the Bath Rod and gun club be sure to read the history section and the recent articles by Gary Jacobs in recent newsletters. Jim Peek

4-H Shooting Sports

4-H Shooting Sports is one of America's largest shooting programs for youth. The content stresses safety, ethical development, personal responsibility and life-time recreational skills. 4-H Shooting Sports has courses for rifle, archery, muzzle-loading, air pistol. We intend to add shotgun in the future and possibly other courses. The Draper family and Jim Peek are the instructors, talk to them or call Kim Randall at 4H at 607-664-2306.

New Policies

The following policies were passed by the Board of Directors at the November 9th meeting:

  1. Portable tree stands can be used when hunting on the Clubs property. Stands must be removed by the end of December. Stands must be marked with the member’s name.
  2. Permanent tree stands are not allowed. Nails, screws, screw in steps will not be used in trees.
  3. ATV’s will only be used on the Clubs grounds to support Club approved events.
  4. There will be no smoking anywhere in the Club house at any time starting 1/1/2010. This includes the Bar.

We realize that the no smoking policy will not be popular with some of our members that smoke. However, the earlier policy was not working and needed to be revised. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes.


Club Purchases Land

The Club purchased 101 acres of land that adjoins our property on the northern and eastern side. The purchase took place on August fifth. Brian Wagner, the Club's Treasurer did the negotiations and represented the Club at the closing along with Robert Plaskov who acted as our attorney and is a long time Club member. Purchase of this land has been a goal of the Club for many years as it gives us a much larger safety zone and helps insure that the Club will be able to operate in the future. President Jim Peek said that Bath Rod and Gun Club has been a part of the Bath community for 123 years and with this purchase the chances that Club will still be shooting 123 years from now looks a lot better.

Immediate plans for the new property consist of gating the driveway and marking the boundary lines. We will also negotiate a gas lease to get some income from the property. Although there is some scattered hardwood timber we intend to wait for better market conditions before considering a timber harvest.

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